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Sorry FSJunkie, I haven't been around much and missed your post
Originally Posted by FSJunkie
1970-1972 are the weird orphan FSJ years. Basically the only thing AMC about them is the engine, some of the paint colors, and sometimes the interior upholstery materials.

That's what I like about it it's quirky and different and just a little bit goofy...a bit like me I suppose and it even has a factory Willys badge under the hood. I really like the dash and the old style instrument cluster and big oval steering wheel. I even like the original AM radio, although I had it modified to be AM/FM and it has an aux jack but looking at it you wouldn't know it.

Originally Posted by FSJunkie
The electrical system is horrible. It's the original 1963 wiring with 1970s options added onto it. Things like backup lights, A/C, TCS system, auto transmission electrical system....all just tacked on. Of course that only matters if you have those options. Everything uses inline fuses, not an actual fuse panel.

I'm really not sure it's all that different than anything else from that era. I remember in my youth messing with all kinds of different similar systems. It really could use a proper fuse panel and that may be something for the future, I also plan on adding a bigger alternator, 30 amps is really just too small.

Originally Posted by FSJunkie
They are also filled with adapters. The AMC engines bolts to the GM transmission with an adapter plate....which bolts to the Dana transfer case with another adapter...

The adapter under your carburetor is because that intake manifold was originally designed for the AMC 290 and 343 V8s in 1966-67 which used the Holley 2209 carburetor with a smaller bolt pattern. What is even more fun is putting another adapter on top of that adapter to mount a later Motorcraft 2150 like I have.
What adapter did you use for the 2150? I ran a 2150 for a little bit, it came with a thick gasket that worked well, but it had a hesitation I didn't like so I put the 2100 back on to troubleshoot and the engine went bad before I put it back on. After waiting 6 months to get my engine back it ran fine with the 2100 but wouldn't run at all with the 2150 so it still has the 2100 with the broken idle jet.

I don't mind the goofy adapters, after all my understanding is that's the way Kaiser did it as well. I know it's probably a mistake but I'm actually considering adding a 2 to 4 barrel adapter plate to put a FiTech fuel injection on it because I really want to try fuel injection but bodywork and a paint job come first.
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