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Have to figure out how to do a uniform radius on the weld around these vents.

Soldered the seam but I don’t think it’ll look good painted because the sides don’t match up well.
I guess I’ll give them a quick coat of primer to see before I remove it.

The defrost ducts provided with the A/C kit.

’72 On the left, ’84 on the right. Looks like they spent some money modifying and retooling for a reason
so I figger the later design is prolly better.

Driver side. I trimmed the inlet and was going to graft on a new round piece at a better angle but the
hose fits into it pretty well. I think I’m just going to come up with a way to anchor it.

’84 Passenger won’t work. Can’t see it but the outlet of the defroster is almost directly below the
end of the duct and the duct is too tall. It’s tilted way back toward the camera.

’72 Won’t work on the pass side.

Modified driver side isn’t too bad.

I’m going to modify the ’84 passenger duct to make it much shorter with the inlet on the right.
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