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The only high pinion for your front that is a bolt in is the 78-79 Ford front axles. Since you are looking at a full-floater for the back that would be the 8 lug HD44 or D60 for the front.
They come up more often in the Phx area and are a little cheaper also (I traveled to Phx for my front 60).
Others will work but involve more effort, you shouldn't have too much trouble since you are planning ahead.
If you stick with a HD44 you should be able to reuse the majority of your high-steer setup, if you find a D60 you are starting over.

There is a rear Dodge D60 that is a bolt in but I'm not real up on the years or donor models, I think Blake is running one in the back of their waggy.

This add repeats fairly often up there, might be worth checking them out.
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