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Originally Posted by 13lftmfsj
Here's an interesting article on light bulbs.

I have to disagree with Mr. Stern (and have before) on the topic. First of all, the SilverStars don't seem to be short-lived; I do a lot of night driving and I get at most a couple years out of bulbs anyway - these seem to be holding up just fine at a little over a year.

He is correct about the light appearing whiter; but what he does not discuss is the sealed-beam replacement units. He's talking specifically about using the bare bulbs in an OEM headlight unit like the kinds found on, say, a new non-HID Honda Accord or Toyota Camry or Dodge Ram. In that case, no, the SilverStars have no advantage whatsoever over a normal bulb other than cosmetic appearance. However, when a SilverStar bulb is combined with the Sylvania Performance reflector and lens (i.e., their H6054 replacement sealed beam, which is what is on my Jeep), it's an excellent upgrade, the best DOT-legal pattern I've seen. The reflector and lens is what makes the difference in this case.

That said, if you want excellent DOT-legal lighting performance that's identical to the SilverStars (right down to the lumen performance as measured by my photometer) save for the cosmetics of a whiter light, get yourself some Sylvania XtraVision H6054's. They're $5 cheaper apiece; they use a high-output 'unfiltered' halogen bulb in the same reflector and lens assembly. It produces "traditional" colored halogen light, that's the only difference. The pattern the Xtravision throws is identical.

If you're willing to put non-DOT legal gear on your truck and risk a ticket or failing inspection, then I'd go with some Hella or Autopal H4s. I do that on my Jaguar XJ sedans because since it's an unusual European car, *nobody* knows what it's supposed to have and you can get away with almost any modification on it. The Jeep is an American car with a common knowledge tech base, so there's less I can get away with - especially since I live a block from the local cop shop.
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