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Additional Note:

Yes Ralph - you got an excellent deal on that grille. That's the cheapest I've seen one go for on eBay in that condition. Most of them have been dented, and from the looks of it most need replating anyways.

Jamchico, you got the best one I've ever seen sold on eBay. Swiped it out from under me in the last hour of the auction. That'll teach me to assume that an auction on eBay is a done deal.... And hey, what'd I buy from you recently? It's driving me nuts!

As far as reproductions on those Grilles.... Haven't seen it. If you find it YOU MUST POST IT!!! IN BOLD LETTERS!!! Reproductions on the Gladiator specific parts are virtually nil. My only saving grace is that a lot of the parts are identical on the Wag's and the J-Series trucks for years - so somebody makes the more generalized parts pretty readily....

Yes, the round dealies in the center were stock. Far as I know there wasn't even an option for headlights there. They're just dress up. I guess to make the front end a little busier, or something - but it still looks sharp.

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