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Mark Sp
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Well, I've got a freshly rebuilt 360 (same motor-taken out, completely rebuilt-reinstalled); rebuilt carb, new: radiator, battery, distributor, wires, plugs, alternator, starter, waterpump, hoses, belts... it's all new and the Wag' still runs like ****. It idle fine (RV cam). If I stomp it from a stop it bogs, hesitates then goes... slowly then pulls okay 'till the motor starts pinging. On the highway the motor stats pinging around 65 mph or if I acclerate from 60 or if I maintain 65 up a hill.

I am at a loss! The timing was set by several people - by the specs. I have spent several thousand dollars and the truck runs worse than before the rebuild.

Any ideas... any... thanks,
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