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hey Matt!

FI and timing are totally different systems. they can be built to "assist" each other but don't need to.

check out for a bunch of EFI info.

you do NOT need an o2 sensor for EFI.

you can run a EFI with as little as a throttle position sensor(TPS)

it is quite helpful if you have a MAP or a MAF. (two different ways to sense load)

I have recently completed a fuel injection system for a 2443cc SCAT(similar to a VW) utilizing the SDS 3-F system. I hand fabricated the intake manifold. It works great!

if you are going to stay with big 3 EFI equipment leave it on the motor it came with. if the motor you are 'playing' with had mods or never came with EFI go with a turn key solution(Holley projection or similar) or if you want to get creative and have the patience to learn to program a system go with the SDS or if you have a lot of money ho with the MOTEC system.

If you have any questions let me know!


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