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Red - Constant +12V
Blue - Ignition Switch +12V, will turn on the display
Yellow - Parking lights (running lights), this connection will signal the clock to dim the output to the appropriate level. Connect this to one of the white wires coming out of the light switch (there are three...just poke a pin in the wires and check the signal with a voltmeter).
Orange - Dash lights (dimmer voltage level), this connection will indicate the appropriate dimmed level.

Here we go digital clock wiring up grade. This is how a "REAL" Jeep dealer did mine back in the early 80's.

Blue—Hot with ignition on only
Red—Hot all the time
Yellow & Orange—Is what I call variable, able to dim and brighten like your dash lights. (Splice the yellow and orange wires together)
I found a place on the fuse box for the Red, Blue, & Yellow/Orange wires. Just take your Probe and check open plugs for when they are hot. One of the two wires for the old clock is always hot and the other is a ground. "
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