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well hello!

glad to finally be able to post here. i am in the process of acquiring a j10 from a friend. basically i've always wanted a j truck and he has always wanted a grand wagoneer. a month ago i went to pick an xj up from a guy and he actually had this sitting on his lot: now i am buying this grand wagoneer for my buddy, who is in turn going to trade me for his 1983 j10. i'm not sure if its an even trade or not, but i feel like the deal makes sense. the j10 runs, the waggy doesn't...waggy is loaded, but the j10 is very basic. j10 has VERY little rust...waggy is going to need some patching.

here is the j10 as it sits now:

the j10 is a 258 but i'm a little unsure of the tranny tcase set up...i have been told its a tf999 and an np208? does that sound right? i know its a 2hi 4hi n 4lo case...but i don't have it in my possession yet, so i really have no idea.

plans are to strip it down to the frame and sand, paint and seal the frame. should be easy, there is very little rust on the fact it still has a lot of paint on it.

after the frame is done, i'm going to clean, sand and paint the exterior, bedline the bottom of the truck and the inside of the box and re upholster, clean, fix the interior.

for now i'm going to tune up the 258, then in a year or two i'm going to start working on a 4bt to drop in it....that might be slightly wishful thinking at this point, but i've been known to pull off a few projects when i set my mind to it! at that point ill have to lift it slightly, but i don't want it to get to big. this truck would be for pulling a boat and a small trailer for camping, hunting and fishing excursions.

as for me, i live in iowa and this is my first fsj, so i apologize for any repeat questions. i own a lifted xj already and i've done all the work on it...i'm not afraid of a wrench and a little elbow grease. good to be here and i'll keep posting pics/build progress as it comes!
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