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Do you guys "seal" your air injection bolts?

I have to re-install the air injection tube on my passenger side manifold.
I have read:
a) some posts where folks have used copper crush washers to seal them but no specifics on size or where they were bought.
b) some posts where folks haven't used anything
c) some posts that use the Team Grand Wagoneer seals

I HATE EXHUAST LEAKS and have had them since I bought my rig. I really want them to go away. so:
1) If you used copper/Aluminum crush washers, where did you get them? I checked my local Home Depot and mom-n-pops hardware store but they had nothing. I checked Oreilly and they are like $3 for 2 of them (I need 6) and they are huge/would look silly.
2) I really don't want to order from TGW. Anyone else sell them?
3) who has installed the your bolts without seals and gone w/o leaks?
4) is there a gasket maker/sauce that I could use? They will only need to hold up for a couple thousand miles...
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