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The 242 will probably have a different clocking to it so it will most likely hang lower.

Depends on the style SYE as to what type of shaft end you need to bolt it up.

Your shaft might be fine. The 242 is smaller than the 229 and shorter if I remember correctly so at most you'd need to have a new shaft made up or find a longer one and have it cut down. The front shaft should be fine unless it's out of a newer GC with the double CV front shaft. Then you will need to find an older style front output yoke.

You will need to do some shifter linkage mods to get it to shift with your current flag shifter.

You might be better off just finding a used 229 or 228 to swap in. They are cheap. I've never gotten more than $50 for the used ones i've sold. And they were all good.
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