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Originally Posted by holley2346
In the very first post when you said it "got a simple 4" lift and 37's" can you go into detail about that for me..... I find myself following exactly in your shoes on my rig.

I figured you had just gotten 4" lift springs, but then I saw the extended shackles.....

I also didn't know you could do 37's with no trimming and a 4" lift...

I am going with a 6" lift and will be using 37's.... Just need some extra info


Beautiful truck btw, love the dovetail.


First off, forgive me for me terrible memory. I am pretty sure this is how it broke down when I was on 37s.

- 3 in Rough Country lift
- BJ's 1 in lift shackles for the front
- 3 in lift block in the rear
- Stock front and rear driveshafts
- Cragar Soft 8 17in rims with 4.25 backspacing
- 37x12.50 17R BFG mud terrains
- Slightly trimmed fenders... I took off about 1 inch of the lip.
- BJ's dropped pitman arm

I think that's about it?

It worked fine IIRC. I had 4.10s and the rear was welded. I hope that helps. It was fun a simple back then.

Originally Posted by SkyChi
I'm new in these parts and I see much win in this thread. Please forgive me as I plagerize some of your work to help my new J10 grow.

Thread subscribed.

Haha. I am honored, go for it! :beer:
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