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Originally Posted by lodmccloud
That is very nice work, but I have noticed every major chop cut and exocage or dovetail starts out as a very nice daily driver. Then I start with a piece of AMC swiss cheese and make a decent Sunday afternoon trail rig.


And onesunJ10, before you say anything about not crawling, look at the sig. XJ's are for crawlin at 3 million + built. But you do have a really nice rig If you're ever up in hollister again, lemme know. I'm a couple weeks away from finishin fixin the XJ, it needs a trail ride.
Trail Rig: 1991 XJ on 3/4 tons and 38's
Tow Rig: 2002 Dodge 2500 CTD 4x4

And the only one anybody here cares about:

Huntin Rig/ Mild Trail Rig: 1973(must be late because it has all 74 parts) Jeep J10, 360/t18/d20. 3" lift on 33's. Runnin Great! Awaiting body work and flatbed!
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