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October sounds good to me. It will be nice and cool for sleeping outdoors.

I installed the steering column yesterday. Everything works...turn signals...emergency flashers....ignition switch....and even the little ding ding ding bell that sounds if you leave the key in the ignition with the headlights on. I never really understood that one.

Low range shifter and front drive shaft went in today. I started to use the shaft that came with the '78 parts rig. It is a custom built unit that only has @ 39K miles on it. When I went to bolt up the straps on the front U-joint I noticed that the caps weren't fitting into the yoke as they should. There is no way to fit them in because the U-joint is too wide. It must have been a real good shop that let that one out the door. I got to looking at the rear shaft, and when I pulled the U-joint caps I noticed that they were wiped out. So.. I went to my spare parts pile and pulled out a front shaft that has new U-joints in it{CV and front} and installed it. It actually was a better fit than the one I had planned on using. I'll replace the rears with a couple of Spicers I have laying around. WOW how I love my spare parts pile.

I'm getting closer HOOT.
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