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Originally Posted by scantar
Great write up! Very clear on the instructions...this and Spectre's are great.

I'd like to see the blow by blow (pun intended ) on the bracket mod. That's been my one hang-up to going with the 144. The CS130 is a direct, no mod necessary drop in for our setups. Sure, it's 105A as opposed to 144A but I don't have a winch, electric fan, locomotive lights, etc...but if the bracket mod is a 1 Cuss Word on the patented Cuss Word scale, then it might be worth it. 3 Cuss Words is definitely not and 2...well that would depend on whether there are Fat Tires in the fridge or not.


Scantar I will attempt to write up a detailed post on the bending of the bracket etc., however I may have found a method that doesnt require so much bending. I am helping a friend of mine install a cs-144 today. After seeing the results in mine he wanted to get one for himself. I will let you know how it goes.

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