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Yes, it is true NO retreads are allowed to be used on the steer axles in any state, and Canada. I am not fond of retreads in any position on my semi. So many people have been KILLED from a retreaded tire loosing its cap, and going through the windshield. See those nice long LARGE chunks of tire laying on the highway mostly in the summer time, imagine that going through your windshield at highway speed. I have had 1st time retreads fly apart. I believe the # of times a tire can be retreaded is 3 times. At any rate I would not run a retread on any passenger vehicle of mine. I consider how many times passenger tires are run with low uneven air pressure, hitting curbs and potholes and other high impact surfaces. I think tire sidewalls are stressed enough over its lifetime and to run them through again is a gamble on life itself. The cap seperation is another thing that would scare me. I realize they are cheap, however life is not. I for one would like to see ALL retreads outlawed for highway use. Just my opinion from years of experiance with retreaded tires.
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