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Originally posted by tuck:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by FSJeeper:
BS is 7.25" up through the late 90's. After that there may be some variation on the civilian models. 12 bolt radial units are the only way to go.
just curious, why such a strong support for the 12 bolt wheels? Are the others (8 bolts?) undesirable, or just not as good?</font>[/quote]The 8 bolt is not as strong as the 12 bolt. The 8 bolt is meant for Bias Ply tires and the 12 is for Radials. Seems the 8 bolt is not strong enough for Radials. Not sure I understand why, but no mater I like the looks of the 12 bolt anyhow. I only plan on buying one set, so I will make it the right ones to start with!
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