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Post What size Speedbleeders for front calipers?

Russell (Edelbrock) makes speedbleeders that I've used in the past and absolutely think are invaluable. Anyway, I ordered a set from summit based off the measurements for the J10, (since the 62-91 GrandWagoneer wasn't listed), part #639590, a 3/8-24 thread 1" long bleeder.

Well it doesn't fit these new calipers I have ready to go on, (cardone standard remans from @10.79 a piece). I took the standard speedbleeder out and compared it along side the russel parts, thread pitch is more coarse vs. the 639590.

I took the standard bleeder from the remans to home depot and measured on their wall gauge in the bolt isle. Best I can tell its an M10-1.5 thread, and I will need a 1", or 25mm long speedbleeder. Yeah metric, I was supplied too! It was a little loose however....but I did try all the other standard thread sizes!

Has anybody used these before and what thread pitch and length did you get. Better yet can anybody that has a good quality gauge measure one of your bleeders and post. You would really be helping me out. Right now I have one crusty bleeder that twisted off in my right front caliper, and was only able to bleed 3 ends of my brakes system, so the rear locks easily in snow now. Scary!!!

Will really appreciate some help!

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Here Are The Part Numbers:

Originally Posted by Jeepeta
Okay guys, I tried the metric ones and they fit the front perfectly. Rears went in without issue either. (part numbers and prices below from

Word of advice: Don't be afraid to torque them either, the paste that was coated on the treads causes some resistance and you might think they are in the whole way, but they aren't and will leak. Tighten them down to where you think they are in the whole way and have a partner press the brakes to see if anything comes out, if not then your are ready to proceed with 1 person brake bleeds. Well worth the money in convenience and air free brake system results...Somebody should add this information to the FAQ.

RUS-639530 Brake Bleeders, Speed Bleeders, 5/16 in.-24 Thread, 1 in. Overall Length, Steel, Pair $9.88

RUS-639580 Brake Bleeders, Speed Bleeders, 10mm x 1.5 Thread, 30mm Overall Length, Steel, Pair $9.88

Thanks for taking the hit on this one Jeepeta.

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