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Originally Posted by ZackN920
...So, since it's very slow at the moment, I'm just going to watch it like I've been doing.
Good plan. You're right, its a long awful job. you're laying on your back letting crap fall on your face, down your shirt sleeves, etc. you will also go through about a million pairs of nitrile gloves if you wear them because they get hooked and cut on all the rust and stuff.
Originally Posted by ZackN920
Tstat? why? I didn't change that when I did the rad swap. It actually looked pretty good(what I could see of it) and works great.
I change my TStat all the time. They are so cheap and easy to replace. Especially when dealing with this type of work. I have had rust chunks plug my TStat and if you are opening your system this much you can be sure, chunks are gonna come loose.
Originally Posted by ZackN920
Still haven't looked up that water wetter stuff
Meh, it's not a huge deal. It helps your coolant exchange heat better. So it pulls heat from your engine better and releases heat in your radiator faster. I had a Ranger with a 5.0HO and it would over heat whenever I would tow anything or drive it in the sand. Added this stuff and it never got hot again. Supposedly it also has anti-rust additives and other blah blah stuff but really I buy and recommend it because it helps your cooling system be a better cooling system.
Originally Posted by ZackN920
... Your talking about for install though, right?
yeah. Install.
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