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Beware Bad Ebay Seller FSJ Parts - HILBOBBY

stay away from HILBOBBY from the bay area. Sold me a 1963 all metal dash. Paid $100 for the dash, and $62 for shipping. He sent it priority mail for $5.95 and the rest the post office wanted from me when it arrived.

Contacted seller about it and he said "shipping isn't free" and I told him that I already paid for it. I then asked for e refund of the remaining funds I had to pay to get the dash, and his response was "that's not going to happen"

So contacted eBay and asked for the refund through them and he selected return the item for a refund, which is a scam because I would also haver to pay return shipping.

Finally opened a PayPal claim and submitted a fraud claim through the local Postmaster and wow, he refunded the shipping right away.

Beware of this scammer trying to collect extra money through shipping fraud.
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The Story:

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