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blt2krl 11-01-2003 03:01 AM

I'm thinking of ditching my fuel tank and going with a fuel cell. I know big pimpin rockjeep44 is using one and there must be others. What are the best brands? foam or no-foam inside the tank. what capacity is everyone running. How hard is the swap and any other type of info.

dnixon 11-01-2003 03:20 AM

I have nothing to input but good topic.

I think from pictures I saw that RJ44 was running a JAZ tank.

I think personally I would keep it close to factory tank capacity.

Paul you going to put yours in the back of you rig?

blt2krl 11-01-2003 03:26 AM

I want to put it in the back and incorparate the mounting in the cage design. I know summit has some good brands of stuff, and have seen some fuel cell in there. I want to keep at least a fuel supply of 16 to 22 gallons as I do due some longer rides.

Will Morris 11-01-2003 11:18 AM

Well, I have no direct experience with them, but I know some guys don't like the foam because they say that it will eventually degrade and then little pieces will clog your fuel filter. As far as size, I'd say the bigger the better especially if you want to ride all day long out in Moab. The red rock desert is a pretty lousy place to run out of gas. That's about all I have to offer on the subject.


PlumCrazy 11-01-2003 01:14 PM

Foam is great keeps the gas from sloshing around like baffles only better. Most of the tanks now have a pretty good foam that doesn't breakdown as bad as the older ones. Your fenders would more than likely rust out before the foam does.

robselina 11-01-2003 01:52 PM

I picked up a Summit fuel cell for the Scout. It had an ancient 2 tank setup that had long ago given up. I like the overall quality of the Summit, it was CAKE to hook up and has the safety foam and all that. I haven't come up with a very appealing mounting system though. Might see if I can steal any ideas from this thread as it grows :D

Frankly though, why do you want to ditch your stock tank Paul? I'm going to ditch the stocker on the CJ, but that's because I'm doing coils on the rear and stretching the wheelbase. The stock tank is in the way. This is ususally why you see fuel cells on moded CJs/YJs/TJs. I can't really think of a good reason to move it on a Wagoneer (assuming your mounting location is same as my 81) It's tucked up out of the way but as low as possible, helping out your COG. If you're beating up your stock skid plate, maybe beefing that up is a more fruitfull option. You're keeping a good size tank and you're keeping your weight down low by using the stocker. Maybe I'm missing something here but there really doesn't seem much to gain...asside from BLING of course :D Anyway, just my $0.02.

Sitting Bull 11-01-2003 01:55 PM

How does the vent work on the cells? Is there just a line than runs to outside air or do you have to plum in into the charcoal cannister crap?

blt2krl 11-01-2003 02:28 PM

Eventually the tank will have to be moved as it is in the way for a non-QT case. I want an Atlas and the tank will be right square in the way. I have a 80's style tank out of a cherokee that I could use but I don't like how the tank sits in the skid plate/ tank holder. I plan on getting into some more hardcore trails. The cheesy skid plate will not hold up under that kind of abuse. As far as COG I'm running full width axles and 2in lift springs, so I'm not to worried about that.

blt2krl 11-01-2003 02:28 PM


Originally posted by Sitting Bull:
How does the vent work on the cells? Is there just a line than runs to outside air or do you have to plum in into the charcoal cannister crap?
usually vent throug the cap....

robselina 11-01-2003 02:34 PM

Sitting Bull, the cell I got had a vented cap. I ran a single line to the fuel pump. That was it. This is on an old vehicle that didn't have any of the charcoal canister stuff anyway though. I figure you're not DOT legal with a fuel cell so just gut all that stuff and do a simple fuel setup.

BLT2KRL- Makes sense. I'd figure out which tank you want and order it relatively soon, since last I checked the larger tanks from summit and Jegs where both backordered for over a month. That was a couple of months ago though, maybe they're stocked up again now.

blt2krl 11-01-2003 02:36 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the back order. That would suck.

Sitting Bull 11-01-2003 03:13 PM


Originally posted by blt2krl:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Sitting Bull:
How does the vent work on the cells? Is there just a line than runs to outside air or do you have to plum in into the charcoal cannister crap?

usually vent throug the cap....</font>[/quote]----------------

Sooo...let's say you leave it in the garage for an extended period of time. Will that setup leave lots of fumes? I know this really a dumbarse question, but I'm trying to get rid of the cannister on my stock tank. Just cleaning up the engine bay and try to get rid of some of the useless crap. I was thinking of moving the cannister to a location near the tank, and then just air venting. This would mean there was no vacuum suction pulling from the cannister, is this a problem?

Sorry guys, I know this is off-topic - but every topic I've started with Charcoal Cannister in the subject line seems to go nowhere. Any input would be appreciated.

robselina 11-01-2003 03:38 PM

Brad - shouldn't be any problem there at all. Gut the sucker out :D I've done this on my CJ and I just plugged the vent hoses that went to the charcoal canister and ran a regular vent to the air. One neat trick I was taught though was to run the vent over and under the tank, so that if I laid it on it's side or top there's always a higher spot on the vent line and I don't loose my tank of gas while getting put back tire side down.

blt2krl 11-02-2003 09:14 AM

Here is the fuel cell I think I'm going to run.
Fuel Cell

robselina 11-02-2003 12:18 PM

Looks good paul. You'll need a hose made to fit the connections they have and then an adapter to go down to stock fuel line along with a couple hose clamps. I got it all at NAPA for pretty cheap.

blt2krl 11-02-2003 12:24 PM

Hey, I'm also going to get one of those roll over valves. They have a kit to fit the bulk head fittings also. after that it should be pretty straight forward.

[ November 02, 2003, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: blt2krl ]

rockjeep44 11-02-2003 12:56 PM

Hey man, going fuel cell sounds good. It makes the underside of your truck so nice and open too. It's awesome to work on. The foam is good stuff, just don't let your cell go empty then it will start to break down, or so I've heard. As long as there is some gas in there it's all good. I went with a 32 gallon Jaz cell that I ordered through Jaz. It's the bling bling style with the red steel can, 45 degree filler neck with one way flapper valve, and I got an external filler kit as well which is cool. Here it is
It's the 3rd one down. I went with the 32 gallon because it is actually just a couple inches bigger than the 22 gallon one and I thought it would be cool to have the extra capacity.

The rest of the images can be seen here

As for mounting I used some big ass hose clamps and ratchet straps. Worked great [img]smile.gif[/img]

Gawdzilla. 11-06-2003 09:34 AM

Hey Rob- check your pm (so as not to TOTALLY hijack the thread)

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