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Pitbull-Lady 07-22-2008 07:41 PM

advice for my Rear, window that is
I got a problem... I 'fixed' my tailgate by pushing the connector back into the switch. (one easy fix:p )

but then I see these 2 wires that 'fit' together well. (black & red)
Do they need to be connected?
Why does the back window work without it?
What in the hey diddle diddle is that hole for? there is one on the other side too.

But once I got the window to go down, I found this! Does this mean I need a new frame? :rolleyes: the metal looks horrid! but then I see this chunk on here, what's that about?

JeepsnCellos 07-22-2008 08:10 PM

The red wire looks like it's coming from the defroster relay (at least that's what i call it). But then, I don't see any strips on your glass. Maybe your rear glass was replaced with a non-defrost type and that's why it is unplugged.

My guess is the holes are to access the retaining clips that hold the rail and glass to the arms of the regulator. That's interesting because I don't think my '89 GW has them.

Finally, your frame looks pretty bad to me. I would replace it.

jsinajeep 07-22-2008 08:13 PM

The windrow frame will need to be replace soon. The hole that you ask about good question. Now if you have one on the other side just like it I would say the PO put them in there to get the clips off of the windrow lift arm so he could work on the windrow regulator. The two wires looks like the ones that might have went to a rear windrow defroster, black for ground red one for feed wire.

YoungClayB 07-22-2008 08:15 PM

I believe those 2 wires are for the defroster.

Those 2 holes were cut by a well meaning previous owner (WMPO...not DSPO in this case. lol) The purpose of the holes are to allow easier access when fastening the circular retaining clips that hold the lifter channel to the regulator arms.

That ugly rusty thing at the base of your window is your lifter...the "chunk" I suspect is a peice of the rubber seal that actually holds the window inside the lifter. I know it looks bad, but its probably still ok.

Allow me to offer a word of advice...if your tailgate works (I mean if it goes up and down and forms a good seal when closed), don't try to "fix" it. When I replaced the lifter in my tailgate, the new lifter started to bind with the inner window wipe and the window wouldnt close all the way. I ended up having to replace my entire regulator assembly and it still doesnt form as tight of a seal as it did before I started messing around with it.

If everything works, the most I would do at this point if I were you would be to replace the outer window wipe. That will at least keep water out of your tailgate and prevent it from rusting out any further.

chrisnsarah 07-23-2008 07:36 AM

that looks like a defroster lead, plug it in and see what happens.

The hole must be drilled by a previous owner to get to the clips. I would recommend plugging it by building yourself an access cover. It's a potential water leak.

Your glass channel is hashed. BJ's has new ones.

Pitbull-Lady 07-23-2008 08:26 PM

Thanks everyone!

I have kept reading every article I PDF'd and printed and have figured one thing. Everyone has an issue, it's just, what happens first?

I keep reading about these retaining clips, these seem to be the godsmack of so many people! Those and the doo-lollies (can't remember the name, too many glasses of wine tonight) you have to reshape with the ball-peen hammer.

YoungClayB I think I'm of the same belief as you, just leave it until I have to. I've got a carpeted interior I still want to demolish that smells like 20 year old ash tray, so I definately have other fish to fry.

Next frivolous order of parts I'll order the frame for when I've got a "spare" weekend. Right now I just need a 'spare' 32".

JeepsnCellos, thanks for the look at the glass. I'm starting to believe with all i've been reading that infact it is the defrost. There are 4 wires there, can't see one smaller like most mention when they talk about 3, but I'll go with the idea and see where it takes me.

thanks all, I'll get it figured out sooner of later, now if I can just figure out how to straighten out the glass - i've got a small 'crack' of space at the top i need to seal, but i can live with that for now.:D

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