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JERSEY JOE 07-02-2022 07:45 PM

This is a true story, hard to believe but I just lived it. For my CJ project I am running full width J-20 front Dana 44 and rear Dana 60 axles. Some time ago I bought 4 ball joints for the Dana 44 on EBAY cheap, like $50.00 for 4. Yesterday I got the time to press them into the knuckles to prep for assembly. Now I have but dozens of these together over the years with no issue. Here is what happened. I installed the right knuckle and torqued the lower to 85 ft lbs. when I went to install the upper sleeve I noticed rather than have it set nearly flush with the housing it was WAY down into the threads before I got the 50 ft lbs to set it. Now in my experience the sleeve usually ends up close to flush to the housing so I knew something was wrong. Looking at the lower stud it did not seem to be far up enough and only a few threads were visible. Took it apart, cleaned the taper, it was fine. Tried the other side, same story. Perplexing, and I thought about it all night. Today I went to the parts store and bought TRW lower joints, put them in. PROBLEM SOLVED. Now the upper sleeve when torqued to 50 ft lbs is almost flush with the housing the way I thought it should be. Before I put the TRW's in I compared the lower joint stud taper and it looked different, fatter so it was preventing the stud from seating in the right spot. AM I NUTS or is this a problem with cheap Chinese parts?

wiley-moeracing 07-03-2022 07:41 AM

I think you already answered your own question.

78J10honcho 07-06-2022 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by wiley-moeracing
I think you already answered your own question.


If it is too good to be true.....

backroadin' 07-08-2022 07:47 AM

Could be someone put the wrong part in the box or it was mis-listed, as in the seller didnt do their homework on what rig they fit.
Im pretty cheap, but life has taught me to go oem or good quality when it comes to the important stuff. I do have some cheap bearings in my closed knuckle though, that are holding up, but next time i probably wont gamble.

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