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DerekTJeep 10-05-2009 07:34 AM

May have someone sell FSJ parts for me....
The last time I drove from Michigan to Chicago area, I dropped off few things at this store for them to sell for me. One example of item that I'm having them sell for me is below:

I'm planning to drop off some FSJ parts such as a sandstone cargo cover from 1990 Grand Wagoneer, nice chrome drivers side mirror, hubcap, and some misc FSJ parts. I'll have this store sell the parts for me. I would rather focus on bikes, snowblowers, lawn mower, and die cast toys. I cannot do it all.

I'm writing here for 2 reasons---maybe someone local wants me to drop off FSJ parts at this store since I would be going that way. Also, I was thinking that it would be fair to give IFSJA members opportunity to buy my parts before I drop them off there.

Thank for looking.

Gambler68 10-05-2009 09:09 AM

If you were smart, you'd load up a trailer and bring your bikes to Philly. One like that would fetch 200 dollars all day long in the college area.

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