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DarkMonohue 10-24-2020 12:17 PM

Shifty seller - do not buy from 4wheelonline!
We're seeing a few people hanging around pretending to be FSJ owners in order to drop comments about and links to 4wheelonline into their posts here and there. These accounts are being banned and their posts deleted as they are discovered.

It's not against the rules for a member of the community to mention a vendor that you like. However, it is against the rules for paid shills to drop mentions and links to their own site. And this isn't the only place on the internet they do it. This shifty practice, combined with the terrible customer reviews 4wheelonline gets around the internet, is reason enough to issue this warning:

DO NOT do business with 4wheelonline. Take your business elsewhere.

I hesitated to even print their name here but decided it'd be best if people looking for info on them were able to find the thread.

SOLSAKS 10-30-2020 02:34 PM

mental note on that one,.....

I stick with BJs all I can,....

thanx for the warning:drivin: dave.

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