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wigwag 08-18-2000 04:57 PM

I have an 81 wag ltd.I put in a stereo and now I am blowing the park light fuse.I,ve been putting in stereos for years and never had a problem.I,ve read on this forum that people are having wiring problems.Is it the switchs,or just bad wiring.What are you guys doing to fix it.

JERRY88GW wrote:
You sure you got the right wires hooked up? What about your ground, make sure it's a good ground.
Else, it sounds like to me that one of those wires, like the illumination wire comming from the wiring harness, is grounding out. I would pull the radio, and make sure that you have all wires you arn't using secured with electrical tape.

River Beast wrote:
If you used the illumination wire to hook to your park lights to give you the dimmer control on the deck... disconnect it and see what happens.

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