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graham 06-15-2002 04:19 AM

After seeins this thread
whos with me , thought I would pass on my way of adjusting the parking brake. It worked for me.

Remember my steering wheel is on the opposite side to most of you. so some step may be vicky verca.
Thuis is different to what is discribed in the Haynes manual.

1. Chock wheels so Jeep wont roll
2. Check parking brake is released.
3. Release pressure on parking brake cable. Two equaliser adjustments near t-case cross member.
Left side and right side which is connected to the parking brake cable.
Undo these until the cable is very slack.
4. Adjust rear wheel brakes, one side at a time, until each wheel just drags.
5. Adjust up left side ( not the equaliser connected to the main cable) and test parking brake.
Most of the adjustment should be done on this adjuster.
6. Adjust right side until parking brake holds, with minimul movement of the foot pedal.
About a 1/3 pedal travel should be good.
This is the adjustment that fine tunes the foot pedal and the ability of the parking brake to hold.

I have done this successfully 5.000 Km ago and the parking brake still holds.

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