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Narnian 08-03-2000 10:56 AM

When the previous owner of my 81 Laredo swapped engines, he lost the vacuum servo for the Cruise control, and didn't remount the hardware.

Has anyone installed aftermarket cruise control, like from JC Whitney?

Or does anyone know how to jimmy parts from another system to work on the 360? A replacement servo seems to be unavailable.

Marc_01 08-04-2000 02:57 AM

Same here, when i bought my rig, the previous owner had replace the carb and didn't hook the cruise back up.

Where is the servo at? I know i don't have the cable and braket that mounts on the carb linkage. Not to sure if i still have the servo.

87 Grand Wagoneer
360, D44's, 229, 2.73
K&N Filter
Eldebrock Intake
Holley 600 4 bl.
6inch suspension
3in. body

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Narnian 08-04-2000 05:41 AM

As best as I can tell, the servo is supposed to be on the bracket right behind the carb throttle. I've never seen one in place though so I can't be sure.

Brenton 08-04-2000 11:10 AM

Do you know who made the Cruise Control. I think Cruise Control was one of those items that for a long time, was manufactured by someone else - even when it was a factory install.
I checked for some parts on a '91 Corolla i had, the dealer said I would have to check with the manufacturer of the Cruise control for something as simple as a shredded cable.
I would bet that a vaccuum servo out of a bone yard would be a good fix?


Narnian 08-05-2000 03:58 AM

I called two local junkyards, and one big one out of town. No luck.

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