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ClarkGriswald 07-30-2000 10:02 AM

Been thinking bout removing my mech fuelpump from my 360 and put on an electric one.. but was curious about something.. what is the pressure of the gas supposed to be? I suppose the elec pumps are regulated somehow, is this right? And are there plates available from a manufacturer to block off the hole left by the missing orig pump? or do I have to just make one? thanx for any info...

88 Grand Wagoneer
D44's front\rear
AMC 360
TF 727
NP 229 (Funky)
Bone Stock (for now)

BIGUGLY 07-30-2000 02:22 PM

You need to install a regulator with an electric.I run 2.5psi highway and 4.5psi major off road.Your mech pumper should put out 3 to 5 psi.Lastly a cover for a big block chevy fits the timming cover perfect.Mounting seems to be the biggist point of discussion. I mounted mine to a L bracket and put it on the skid plate for the fuel tank inboard, then built a cover for it. There are lots of cheap pumps out there, buy a good one(holly and such). Good luck!!

79 Cherokee
360 Stroker/TH400/QT/44's
edelbrock performer pac
3"lift 33x12.5

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