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ClarkstonGT 08-02-2000 08:45 AM

I asked this question before, but didn't really get any responses. Where is the intermittent module, and how do I trouble shoot it? My wipers currently work in both high and low, but the intermittent function does not. JW Jeep wants $35 for the module, but I would like to play with it before I order. Also, I found a boneyard with a GW in it in Atlanta, so I may choose to try and scavange the module myself. Any help would be appreciated.

Puslinch 08-02-2000 09:17 AM

Same here, the module is kaput on my 90 GW. I get slow, fast and one preset intermittent wiper speed.

Dave 08-02-2000 03:55 PM

The module is located about 8" from your wiper motor switch. Follow the wires coming from the wiper switch and there will be a connector with a square black box about 2" by 2" thats your wiper module. Or at least thats where mine is located on my 79 Wagon. As far as troubleshooting I dont know havent had to mess with my yet. I personally would get one at a junk yard and swap it out, and see fixes the problem.

79 Wagoneer

SaggyWaggy 08-03-2000 04:53 AM

I had the same problem with my wag, but it got worse and worse until the wipers stopped working alltogether. I replaced the wiper motor and everything works great. FYI- I found 3 FS cherokees at the Pull-A-P*rt on Buford Hwy. They were pretty picked over but they might have the wiper modules too. Just a place to look. Good Luck!

ClarkstonGT 08-04-2000 05:50 AM

Actually, I found the Cherokees at that Pull-A-Part day before yesterday. I got my door lock spring there. FYI, R&R Autoparts about a half a mile down Buford Hwy from Pull-A-Part has an older Wagoneer and an '84 GW. The GW is mostly intact, including the engine and interior. I couln't find the intermittent module, but I may go back and look again.

ClarkstonGT 08-04-2000 06:44 AM

OK, I'm still having trouble with this intermittent module thingy. Is this device located inside the cab under the dash, or on the firewall inside the engine compartment. My wiper control is on the multi-function stalk on the steering column. The closest thing I can find is a blue box about 2" X 2" just beneath the fuse box under the dash. It has several male plugs on one side that plug into a receptacle. Is that it? If not, where should I look. The manual is of no use. Sorry to be such a bother with this topic.

Dave 08-04-2000 11:44 AM

Sorry didnt know what year you had. On my 79 the wiper switch is on the dash, and the module is mounted under the dash ,the connecter and harness isnt long enough to reach the firewall. My module is black and it has two screws holding the cover on it. The connector that plugs into the switch on mine, has ten wires, six of them go to the module and the other four go to a connector that plugs into the wiring harness under the dash. It also has a part number on the module. Ill post the number on it and look at my wiring diagram when I get home from work, and find out what color the wires on the module are. No bother, just trying to help you out.

79 Wagoneer

Dave 08-04-2000 03:27 PM

So much for going off of memory, I went out and looked my wiper switch has 7 wires not 10 and 3 wires go into the module & 3 come out of it(red, blk, blk/vio). The numbers off my module are 8Z, SF 3714496, 260 8M20A. And heres what the wiring diagrams had to say.

1980 to 1985
red/blk goes to fuse box
pink goes into module
dk blue/wht goes into module
blk/wht goes into module
wht goes to module
red/wht spliced into pink wire coming out of module
red/blk goes to washer pump

blu/blk goes to wht wiper motor wire
dark blu/white goes to blue wiper motor wire
blk/wht goes to blk wiper motor wire
pink goes to red wire on wiper motor

1986 to 1991
yel to module
gry to module
dark green to module
violet to module
brn to module
wht to module
pnk to module

blk to ground
pnk/org to wht wiper motor wire
blu/yel to blue wiper motor wire
tan/red to blk wiper motor wire
vio/wht to vio washer motor
light grn/blk to fuse box

red wire on wiper motor conn. goes to light green wire that goes to fuse box.

Just trace the wires at the connector on your steering column (should be on rt. side of column under dash) and follow one of the wires listed above and it will lead you to the module. Good luck.

79 Wagoneer

JERRY88GW 08-04-2000 04:14 PM

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The closest thing I can find
is a blue box about 2" X 2" just beneath the fuse box under the dash.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
That blue box is your chime. You know, the chime that goes off when you leave your lights on and turn your ignition off.

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