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bkilby 10-18-2017 09:59 PM

Gorgeous work!

Frank Ziebert 10-19-2017 08:23 AM

Disregard the private message question. They were answered here. Gonna have to find a couple of those pliers!
Thanks again for the staples.

Kaiserjeeps 10-19-2017 10:31 AM

I sent you a PM Frank.. I am envious of your vacation trips. I need a serious vacation this next summer. I might walk down to the river. :D :D

Heading back to the shop for more in a few minutes. I can definitely say that I am glad there is another 70 wagoneer in the yard. I have had to go look at it for answers more than once. ;)

Stormy here. Finally a solid rain.

Kaiserjeeps 10-21-2017 05:19 PM

Made some good progress. Got the brake booster on, battery tray, etc. All the front sheet metal is on permanently and tight. I had to complete some errands to keep moving on it. I need blasting media and will get it soon. And it is hard to find quality nuts and bolts around here. Stores sell washers by each and not a box. 23 cents each is ridiculous. I always buy boxes when I can. I currently have 24 special length grade 8 flange head bolts on order from Fastenal for the exhaust manifolds, trans adapter and transmission. I just can't find them around here for a reasonable price.
So I picked up some galvanized chicken wire for the floorpan insulation. I duplicated the exact same thing.

New cage nuts even.

I got the floorpan on only temporarily. When it goes on the last time I will put the putty like sealant down.

The underside almost ready for a TH400.

So I can't land the motor till the shock mounts are done and installed. I found them and boy were they rusted on the backside.

That is because there is no drain hole. Dirt and water accumulates behind the shock mount and rots the frame and mount. This way you can hose it out from both sides. I put drain holes in.

I intended to soak them in muratic acid, but I lost a fight with a peanut grinder today and had to go in. I will put them in acid tomorrow.

Sadies frame crossmember had hit something hard. It was bent pretty badly. Rather than try to straighten it I took the one off of the black 71 J truck.
The 71 cross member was cracked and it looks like it was about to drop a transmission had it not been fixed.

Cleaned up it was pretty bad. Lots of fractures. I welded it up with 7018 on both sides.

Ground it back and did a final sand with the air sander and got it looking pretty good.

I cleaned up the cross member with a peanut grinder and a wire wheel. I have the bead blasting cabinet loaded with a lot of parts to prep for black paint. I was literally done with the cross member and the darn grinder caught my sleeve or my glove not sure which and about tore my thumb off. It bound up and groaned till I could unplug it. My camera was sitting right there so I took a picture. :D
One for the medical file. I have some good ones in there.

Ouch. I should have had my long welding gloves on.

4.5 inch grinders will hurt you if you are not careful. I was hurrying and should have had the right gloves on. Glad it was not a cutting wheel. One of my friends in Oregon cut a tendon doing that. I should have known better.

So needless to say I did not get to do any blasting today. I will go after it again soon. Tomorrow Makerpoint studios is having an open house at 1PM. They almost closed down. The members saved it. I am going to go ahead and sign up and become a member. I will have more time to create soon. And I need to take a fusion 360 class so I can design stuff. I would like to cast things and them plate them.

More soon.

toddthewelder 10-21-2017 06:49 PM

Ouch on the hand, hope it gets better soon and glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been

DarkMonohue 10-21-2017 10:59 PM

Yikes! Close call with the grinder. That could have been a lot worse!

Have you looked at Auveco for fasteners?

rang-a-stang 10-22-2017 12:51 PM

there are few threads I am subscribed to where I enjoy updates as much as this one. I shivered when I saw your hand because I think MANY of us have had similar injuries and can relate to it. Glad this one will heal.

Where did you get those cage nuts? Did you just bring an old one with you to the hardware store and find it?

Frank Ziebert 10-22-2017 01:21 PM

Cringing on the hand!:eek: :eek: :eek:
I KNOW a cutting wheel will do more damage--it hurt for a long time!

As usual Sadie is looking great

Kaiserjeeps 10-22-2017 06:55 PM

Well I have done worse. Aside from some cramping today and last night that kept me awake, it is going to be fine. I am not sure why I feel the need to photograph the good ones. :D But I have a picture file with some pretty gross stuff in it. ;)

Darkmonohue I have some auveco christmas tree fasteners here. That is a fantastic site and I clean forgot to look there. I just googled grade 8 flanged bolt and fastenal had the 3.5 inch length I needed for the exhaust manifold.
I need you guys for all the reminders...:thumbsup:

Rang, the cage nuts I have had for years. They were metric and I just switched out the square nuts for 1/4 x 20 nuts. I have a small bin of them with the installation tool. That is the blued strap in the floorpan picture. It snaps them right in without messing up the paint. I wish I could remember where I got them. :o I just googled it and there are a few places that have them.:thumbsup:
Grainger, Summit, and even amazon.!2966!3!509 16727437!!!!109231851957!&ef_id=Wet7hgAAAH94eFbn:2 0171023003912:s&kwid=productads-adid^50916727437-device^c-plaid^109231851957-sku^1LBE7-adType^PLA

Here are some phosphate coated ones...

So I got back home about an hour ago. Makerpoint studios open house was standing room only. I was totally surprised. So were the founders of makerpoint. My shift indicator file is waiting for me and I went ahead and signed up for 30 days with a 20% discount. My goal is to learn fusion 360 enough to make door panel blanks. Front and rear with the cargo area being a bonus. I discussed it with them and they can be cut with a laser. I then went to home depot and found tempered 3/16 fiber board and it looks like a go. So because I paid for the use of the shop, I will be spending time there in the next 30 days attempting to achieve this. I am really excited about it. In the mean time I will move forward with getting sadie assembled.
When I got home I degreased the emergency brake under dash assembly. I can't glass bead it because the beads will clog the mechanism. Muratic acid is to strong for this light surface rust. The pedal arm and the front part is black. I want it to be clean raw metal and fresh paint just like new. When it is clean I will spray the raw metal with cerakote clear satin. That will seal it up.

Cerakote is having a sale right now on testers. A 4 OZ tester of their coating is 35 bucks minus 20 percent. I will be ordering a silver for the horn rings, and shifter arm and the silver strip on the door panels. I am not sure but the sale might be for previous customers.

Degreased you can see the light to medium surface rust.

And now in a bucket of Must for Rust with the shifter arm above it ready for submersion. I will check it tomorrow. I really like that stuff.

Tomorrow is a day standing at the blasting cabinet. I would like to have satin black paint on everything by end of week.

Kaiserjeeps 10-23-2017 08:40 PM

Great progress today. Even with a little scare with the compressor. I was doing a ton of blasting starting with the last of my glass bead then going to rough sand for the remaining pieces. My compressor was not making any air. It got down to 50 PSI and I knew something was wrong. I had just spent close to 600 bucks on an new motor, pressure switch, belt and most of the small parts. I decided to just keep going till it died and pow! The W shaped copper line broke off the high pressure cylinder. So that is what it was... It took a bit to rebend it and unswedge the brass ferrule but I was successful. It makes air like it used to which is great. New pumps are 4 to 6 hundred for a decent one. Had me worried there... So I derusted the e-brake part to find it was missing two springs. One just not there and the top ratchet spring mostly vanished in the rust being so thin. It sure looked great though.


I ended up removing the unit out of the white 70 truck. You can see the missing spring on the release lever pivot on the left one from the 70.

I cleaned it up today and it looks good also. The upper ratchet spring also went away and I have a neat fix planned. I need to go to the store and get a very small compression spring. I will detail how I fix it shortly.

I also dipped a shifter arm that had no wear or significant corrosion. It too looks really good. I will put clear cerakote on this one and use it for Sadie.

Did this also.

So I blasted everything and wiped it all down. I found a great use for the 3M door gap soft edge masking. I put a strip in the paint can lid groove and not one drop got in there. :thumbsup: This will really help to keep from gluing the lid on the can with some urethane paints later.

Got several things primed today. There is another whole row of small parts below this one. I was a blasting fool.

I can put the engine in when the shock mounts get installed. The bolts go through the frame horns.

Only a few things left. The heater parts and glove box door will only get paint and no primer. I will prep those tomorrow.

In case anybody is wondering why I post every little detail, it's for Bill the owner. Poor guy has been waiting for years for his car back. I can hear him now.... It's NOT a car!!! :D :D :D

Ha ha... More soon.

63J200atLSU 10-23-2017 09:11 PM

Your picture of the glove incident shows you breaking two of the cardinal rules of grinding wheels. No loose clothing and no gloves (I sometimes wear something like tight-fitting nitrile gloves for dirty grinder jobs)! No gloves I say!! All fussing aside, I'm glad it wasn't worse. Looks very similar to my last FSJ injury actually. I too was wearing gloves with a grinder and a wire knot brush.

Sadie is looking amazing! I always love getting notifications of your progress!

Kaiserjeeps 10-24-2017 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by 63J200atLSU
Your picture of the glove incident shows you breaking two of the cardinal rules of grinding wheels. No loose clothing and no gloves (I sometimes wear something like tight-fitting nitrile gloves for dirty grinder jobs)! No gloves I say!! All fussing aside, I'm glad it wasn't worse. Looks very similar to my last FSJ injury actually. I too was wearing gloves with a grinder and a wire knot brush.

Sadie is looking amazing! I always love getting notifications of your progress!

I hate it when you are right...:D I was asking for it I guess. I have nicked myself more than once with a grinding wheel. The most dangerous is the thin cutting wheels. A friend on Oregon cut a tendon and was in a cast for months because of one of those. What I have found is wearing long cuff welding gloves will slow down the amount of cutting a grinding wheel will accomplish. But the object is to not be in the path. When I use a thin wheel I am REALLY careful to not put any flesh in the path of it in case it skips and catches on something. I was in a hurry and it was really cold out. Hence the long sleeves of my fleece coat. I promise I won't do it again.;)

Fusion 360 is frustrating me. I was up till 1:30 AM trying to put holes in a door panel drawing. It said select a field or plane to locate the hole. I am apparently not as smart as I think... I even watched the tutorials. I will get it.

I need to go to the hardware store. For some springs and a bunch of stuff to get a solar panel and switch on my dads little boat over on the other side of Washington state. It has been filling with water. The local neighbor lady has been trying to keep it afloat. I left her a shiny turd there. It has a small bilge pump but is just a hidden wire hanging there for now. I need to fix that situation with a waterproof switch and a solar panel to keep the battery up.
I spend a lot of time dealing with what he left behind. So be it.

The heat is on in the shop. Drying the primer for a black spray soon.

63J200atLSU 10-24-2017 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by Kaiserjeeps
Fusion 360 is frustrating me. I was up till 1:30 AM trying to put holes in a door panel drawing. It said select a field or plane to locate the hole. I am apparently not as smart as I think... I even watched the tutorials. I will get it.

I haven't used Fusion 360, but in SolidWorks, I think you can either simply click the surface you want a hole in (using the SW hole wizard, which I assume there's some Fusion 360 equivalent). Sometimes, I run into problems if I'm not backed out of every part or sketch, as it will limit you to just the current part. I think you can also select a feature from the part tree, but once again, I'm not super familiar with Fusion 360. Worst case scenario, some time, we can try and share a desktop and I can hopefully help guide you through some of it.

Be careful with those hands! You've got a Jeepster to restore next!

Kaiserjeeps 10-25-2017 11:12 AM

Well thank you Greg for the desktop offer. You are definitely more computer literate than I. If it comes to that I will send up a white flag. :D Last night again up till 1:30 AM I toggled between youtube tutorials and Fusion 360 trying to create something savable. I should mention I went with Fusion 360 because Makerpoint studios bases all of their CNC equipment off of it. I made good progress and saved my drawing in the end. I did all this next to the door panels I have laid out. I realized I needed to flip the panels over and spray the vinyl that wraps around the panel a long time ago. They are still a bit brittle and I hope to not fracture it when I remove the vinyl from the old warped panels. The fronts are really soft now. The rehydration with 303 was really successful. I will spray that little fold for a week or so and hope for the best.

I am just finishing up a stand alone solar charging system for my dads boat. His neighbor is a fantastic lady and agreed to pump the water out of his boat while we are gone. It is a very small boat at 8 feet long. There is a bilge pump there but is not hooked up properly. I am including a c clamp with a switch mounted on it for her to use to not have to use a hand pump. I can't leave her with such a mess. Now she will hit a switch instead of a manual pump that does not work well. And the solar panel will keep the battery topped off. It needs to be wind and otter proof. Simple.... I hope...;)
And if I can get that done today I should be able to squirt some satin black on all the primered parts. That won't take long at all. I need to get the hood hinges plated and fix the E brake assembly. I have the parts.
I'm burning daylight.

Kaiserjeeps 10-25-2017 08:30 PM

I finished a real nice solar charging system and a clamp on bilge pump switch today for my dads boat. Nice to have that behind me.
I was able to repair the E-brake ratchet missing spring today. No paint as I ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow I hope.

So the ratchet spring rusted and the Must for Rust dissolved it. I fixed it.
I wanted to put a spring in with a 1/4 inch bolt as a guide for the spring. I cut off a bolt and found a spring that would fit perfectly inside the ratchet side walls. I was concerned about the spring sliding off the end of the ratchet, so I welded a very small end wall in. I made it fit then cut it back after welding it in.

You can kind of see it down there. This also allowed me to establish a new sharp ratchet edge to catch the teeth with. A nice positive engagement.

I held the bolt with a pair of visegrips to tack it in. I could control the angle this way. Ever try to weld up a spring loaded bolt>? :D

Bingo, it works great....

I will add it to the needs paint pile.
More soon.

SJTD 10-25-2017 09:57 PM

You didn't miss and strike the arc on your pliers did you?

63J200atLSU 10-25-2017 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by SJTD
You didn't miss and strike the arc on your pliers did you?

I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only one who has tools that are more or less permanently altered as a result of my toils... I may or may not have a pair of vice grips that are now medium fawn from when I painted my rearview mirror to match my dash lol... Among other things...

AL! That ratchet spring is great! You're quite the problem solver, my friend! Good to hear about the windshields, also. Fingers crossed on that!

Kaiserjeeps 10-26-2017 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by SJTD
You didn't miss and strike the arc on your pliers did you?

Ha ha.. Yes I did. On a different repair way back when. I have quite a few modern modifications to my decent sized collection of visegrips. The most recent being a nice shade of Avocado Mist from holding all the plastic underneath.:) When I welding the ebrake, I used the TIG and brought on the arc real slow and slowly ramped it up to avoid making metal go away. My aim was good. At least that time.;)

The heat is on out there. I see black parts in my future today.

Frank Ziebert 10-26-2017 05:48 PM

I have so many MODFIED-for-one-use-only applications, I need a separate tool box.:rolleyes:

Kaiserjeeps 10-26-2017 06:09 PM

You can never have enough tools. :D


Made some parts black today.

Small stuff.

The heater was too far gone for paint today. Lots of surface rust, a bad heater core, foam seals missing etc.. I will get a heater motor on the way as well as a heater core.


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