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DieselSJ 11-19-2015 11:01 AM

Glad you and your family and friends are OK. I've been through one of those storms when I lived outside of Seattle and I know what it is like to be lying in bed in total darkness and hearing trees snapping and crashing to the ground just outside the window. Not anything that I want to experience again.

Kaiserjeeps 11-21-2015 09:51 AM

The three hours in my neighbors home did not make me feel any better. Like you said DeiselSJ, It's the strangest feeling. Being outside right in the middle of it is something that is hard to describe. But we made it and next time I respect the warnings better. I don't really get why my friends truck was not crushed more. Well I do but this is not the place for my spiritual beliefs. Lets just say I am more than grateful. We drove through town yesterday and saw Phil's truck in the parking lot of the body shop. There were at least a dozen bright yellow grease pencil circle's surrounding all the dents. It was funny looking as we drove past.

Power came on last night at 2:15 am. I was up putting wood in the stove. We have been at 10 degrees the last three nights.

So I figured out how to get power back on in the home right away. First you must pay a horrendous amount for second day shipping for a Triton propane shower unit. Then pull it out of the box and pow! Power is back. :D

I'm gonna hook it all up so it is plug and play later. I have two ways to make hot water. I must be getting lazy as this unit looks pretty simple. I can only go so long without a shower. Phew....

Here is a shot of my friends 2015 Dodge Ram with 4K miles on it. Lots of little dents everywhere and a pile of glass inside. I wish I had an interior shot.

The tree that stopped all forward progress and got us pinned in when more trees fell behind us.

The trees that fell on us and around us. This clump of trees almost got me. My friend Phil was about 40 feet behind me. I cannot describe the panic I had looking back right after the gust and seeing nothing but trees and branches and a set of headlights. I thought my friends were hurt and as I ran to them I wondered how I would ever get any help. It was not a good feeling at all.

Some of the trees we heard snap off as the gust came at us.

And lots of this.

Outside my home on the road.

I would not trade this home and location for any spot in the world. We absolutely love it here.

So all is almost normal now. I can't wait to get everything picked up and get back on Sadie. I hope a little wind comes.... I was bored and decided to go to a 100 acre field to use up two RC airplane batteries. I stuck my plane in a tree 75 feet up. All that open space and I have to find the trees nearby. I may not get it back. All in good fun.:thumbsup:

More on Sadie the 70's lady in a short bit. I have the cross brace to finish and I have started making a pattern to see where to cut my new metal. This will be an interesting repair. Then I get to do it on the other side.
I hope then I can officially say that there is no more rust holes anywhere.
I'm excited to get going. 15 degrees out now. It's a balmy day.;)

66Stepside 11-21-2015 11:29 AM

Whoa, that wind storm hit the whole area pretty hard. We lost power for one night and two days. No damage to our place. The surrounding neigbors did not fare so well. I am glad all is well with you and your family- and the jeeps. That generator should ease the trauma a bit, haha!

If you need repair panels, come scope out the 68 I am slowly cannibalizing for parts the next time you get to town. The plasma cutter and torch set up should make for very precise cuts. Just a thought.

Overall, the plenums are the worst hit when it comes to rust. And I don't need any of the repair panels for my 65. The 68 and 65 both rusted in the same places!

Kaiserjeeps 11-22-2015 10:42 PM

Well fudge. I lost a post again. It was almost short even.:D

Use the 68? OK, I'll have to take a good look. To bad it did not sell. It's nice to have stuff go away sometimes. That was a pretty good storm is right. I keep seeing more damage. We sure lucked out here. Just a lot of tree clean up next spring. Those poor folks in town. It's been super cold.
It's going to be single digits here on T-day. The lineman crews hooked us up and stopped. The lines are still down up the road and on a separate fork. There are two homes past me and it's all woods. One occupied. We would have been fine for much longer if need be. I'm building a new shower system so next time it is plug and play to use. My neighbor just finished his shop and while we were inside their place the night of the storm, a 24 inch tree 30 feet long snapped off 30 feet high and dropped itself in his rafters poking through the new sheetrock ceiling below. I can't believe how well it held up. Big snow trusses I guess.

Will heck, I have a post to get going. Happy Turkey day !!

The quote for my friends new truck repair after the three trees had their way. 12,800 clams. It could have been way worse.

Kaiserjeeps 11-22-2015 11:11 PM

Well finally I got a full day in. With a short break at noon to retrieve my RC airplane and using a 12 gauge shotgun and a 17HMR combined with some careful shots, I was able to carefully trim it out and take it home. Only one 00 buck 30 caliber pellet hole in the rear stabilizer. :D So I should paint it green and put stars on it now. It was almost fun.

So after some examining and planning I forged ahead. First thing was to finish the bracing. The door way piece can be used on the other side once cut and rewelded to fit.

I used the door hinge bolt holes to bolt up tight to. And 66stepside is right. Plasma cutters are the cats meow. I saved up and got a hypertherm (the company that invented them) and wow, talk about fast. I used to do all this with a sawzall. Ugh. I'm getting better at cutting detail.

So before I cut anything out I use a piece of manila folder to make a rough pattern by pressing it in place and rubbing edges into the paper. Then I cut it back. This gives me an idea on how much patch area and what shape to cut out. Plus as you force the paper in place, it shows where shrinking or stretching might need to be done. It's kind of slick. Any shy areas of paper get a little plus sign so I know to cut it generously. Sometimes you need to run an edge or area way long to you can manipulate it. Hey, you can always keep cutting metal off something. Putting it back takes longer.

It looked like the dash plenum was thinner than the firewall. Sure enough it was 20 gauge. The firewall was 18 gauge.

Ok time to cut. I used a mini air sawzall to cut right on the folds that were rotten. Talk about thin. I set the part aside to duplicate later and started looking for solid metal to start with. I removed the fold down to the next layer where the piece I just removed used to be. Looks pretty decent under the first layer. There are three layers here.
I love this tool as it cuts well and is super hard. I have never sharpened it.
I still wonder how they welded all this with the sealant in there. It's obvious it was welded sandwiched in there first.

Got it all cleaned up and now I can see what is needed. Piece of cake.:thumbsup: I'll use the bead roller to make the step in the metal.

After this part is replaced, I'll go after the firewall. Once all the rust is replaced I can start in on the plenum piece. I wonder how long it will take me on that part? So, Today was a good day. I scored some really nice factory front hubcaps today on ebay. They will polish out beautifully. With a cream colored powder coated wheel and a new Warn locking hub poking out, it will look just great. SOON new clean parts will start going together. I am jazzed.

More soon.

Kaiserjeeps 11-22-2015 11:39 PM

So as I work on the last of the rust, I know I have an interior and headliner coming up. And wiring work So while I am doing the metal I am trying to get a path for the interior. I don't think a headliner will be too much problem. I am heading into town for the industrial sewing machine tune up soon. It will be nice to get it back dialed in better. The door panels are frequently on my mind. I want really good ones. My cousin in the next town east of me has a computer program that will allow me to cut metal stamps that are perfect for the patterns on the door panels. After he draws them I go to a metal shop and the computer cuts them out with stunning accuracy. Then it's experiment time.
And I want good looking chrome trim. I ordered up a 20 dollar sample pack of plastic trim with 3M tape on the back. Some of it looks pretty good for shape and profile.

Here are the profiles. Some of them stand up too much. Some would work.

So this stuff looks OK. I am concerned about durability. They seem to scratch easily. I wanted to see them in person. It would work probably just fine. However comma I think that making the trim out of stainless steel is the way to go. I made ss trim for a Woody once and it was under training at a cool shop I used to work at in PDX. Oregon. On the ends of the trim it was bullet nose. Heat it till it glows and dolly it over. They polished out like a mirror. SS would be repairable or at least scratches could be carefully polished out by hand once attached to a door panel. So after reviewing these samples. Taking the time to fabricate trim would payoff in the long run.
If anybody wants the company name I can get it. It was 20 bucks for the samples and 15 bucks for shipping.:rolleyes:
And I can't remember if I mentioned the stretchable marine vinyl I found. Discussing dash pads tonight with Sadies owner, I think we have a good chance at rebuilding one with great results. I have a few to practice on.
Happy Turkey day.

Kaiserjeeps 11-23-2015 10:29 AM

And speaking of door panels. Here is another great find from Sadie's owner.
This stuff would be the best stuff for coating and sealing the fiber board door panel before building it out. That in tandem with the factory applied plastic should forever end warping from moisture.

Kaiserjeeps 11-30-2015 11:43 AM

I am being held hostage by a moose. :D She munched some greens down this morning and has bedded down 50 feet from our front door. I am afraid I am going to have to disturb her and make a dash for the shop. I need to get to work on Sadie as there is much to complete yet.

What a weekend. My neighbor rolled her truck on our road and Jack directly across our road from us passed away in his sleep from cancer. It was good to cancel our travel plans. I retrieved our neighbors truck with my CJ-5 and put it in her yard with several neighbors helping. Thankfully Jack is better off now and not much to do there. He was in misery and wanted zero help. THAT man was a master of metal. He used to cut gears for the local mills in his shop. I have never been able to see the inside of his shop and all the tooling. May he rest in peace now. He left behind a brother whom lives in a log cabin right next to Jacks place. He is just as reclusive and will duck into the trees if he sees anyone coming on the road. Nice guy but so alone.
Some people need that. I'd go nuts without the friends I cherish.
I struggle with death. But it's a part of life and not to be feared.

Yesterday I drove 8 hours to buy a M101A2 military trailer. I'm still deaf from driving my CUCV. I love this stuff.
I picked up a can of minwax wood hardener for door panels. Soon I will dive head first into some R and D.

Well time to throw a saddle on the moose and make my way to the shop.:D

Hope the holiday was super for everyone.
Pictures and a lot of BS coming soon.;)
Brrrrrrrrrr it's cold out.

Kaiserjeeps 11-30-2015 09:16 PM

Well I made it to the shop.:D I took a couple pictures of the moose but unfortunately I had it set on macro. They are blurry. She stood up and stared. That's when they are completely unpredictable. Most of them take off. She did not and eventually wandered off. No baby moose around so I figured it was cool.

Despite several interruptions today. I was able to move ahead. I'll admit I had to do a lot of looking to see just what to do and where to cut. This is a pretty serious repair. There will be 4 replacement parts made. One at a time they will go back in. With the outer skin going on last of course.

I ended up removing the little wing that is located at the Dash end. It was thin and had holes. I traced it out and made a line for the bead roller.

That left me with this.

I made one pass through the bead roller with the step dies on.
Perfect, I really like this machine. Some day I will experiment with some of the other dies for floors and other stuff.

I fit the part to the car. Then traced the back side where I needed spot weld holes. I punched two holes to replace the welds I cut away.

I did a little cleaning of what was under this part. TIG welds like clean metal. It spit and popped a couple times and eventually welded up fine. It was thin and I did use 20 GA metal. I still had to chase one hole around a little. I turned the welder down to 70 amps. And went at it slow and it filled up fine.

So I went from this

To this. This lays out a nice side wall for the under side of the dash to weld back to.

That's the first of four repairs here. The next is tough because the metal sandwiches in between two layers on the firewall. So I need to cut the firewall part away
anyway because of the corrosion and thin metal. After a lot of looking and trying to cut a minimal patch out, this is where it is at. See the side panel just below where I just repaired it? The one with the two intact holes. That piece is next. That is the panel that sandwiches in between the others and points forward in the seam you can see looking at the fire wall from the front of the rig. I had already cut out the metal on the inside where the rain water runs down and drains out. This makes the repair easier to do with one piece there. It will sandwich back together just fine.

The top curved edge where the skin welds too might require me to make an oak hammer form to get it exact. I did some hammer forming way back in the beginning of this build thread on the inner rear quarter panels. Those little walls inside and behind the back wheel. The gas filler goes through them. Hopefully I won't need to make them in this case.

Tomorrow morning I need to run to the dump just up the road. There is snow coming tomorrow. Hopefully lots! Our garage is starting to get ripe and I don't need a bear trying to tear through my garage door to get a snack. They should be napping away right now. But we only have 3 inches of frozen crusty snow down. We have seen 5 big black bears in the last month or so. Hopefully they are hibernating already. Then I can continue the repairs when I return. The shop is really great now with all the insulation done. It's really easy to heat up and it maintains heat very well now.

And I have misplaced my camera charger. My camera just died. I thought I moved it to charge on a generator while we had no power. geez, I can't find it. It will turn up.

More soon of course

Kaiserjeeps 12-01-2015 04:01 PM

Well look what was waiting for me at the post office. All the way from Switzerland! I originally ordered two sets. One set had a little dark spot and some bubbles in the chrome. I do understand that the plastic chroming process is difficult. I wrote the gentleman and he took great care to get me a new set as soon as possible. His name is Dominique and he is an outstanding man to do business with. I have yet as of late to find an American business that seems to care much. I have been continually shorted items from water filters to grand wagoneer parts. I get charged hundreds of dollars and when I call to ask where everything is I get treated as if I am being dishonest and trying to get more for nothing. Terrible.

Dealing with people like Dominique restores my faith. Look at these lenses.
They are beautiful!

Another quick photo before my camera shut off. :)

I had been saving all these. With the idea to try and restore them. Not any more. I will still try to see if they will polish out. But for a sharp rebuild Dominique's lenses are the way to go. Being able to put on a part without a major pile of work is really a time saver.

I'll try to get a picture up of the correct hub cap set I just received from an Ebay win. They also look great with only a little bit of work needed. They will polish out like chrome.

For any of you wanting to chrome some stuff. Including things like the armrest end caps, this site is really interesting. Not cheap at all, but what do you expect for quality.

I hope to expand my tool set with a kit from them next year.

Off to the shop...

Thank you to 66stepside for telling me about these lenses.!!

dlopeman 12-02-2015 09:49 AM

I've used McGuiar's PastX polish and it works great with just a little polishing by hand and paper towels! My dash plastic lenses looks brand new!

dlopeman 12-02-2015 10:14 AM

Hey man... sorry to take it back off track again...I know you've been busy (wind storms all all that!! geesh -that's crazy wind!) I wanna pull the trigger on this Pliobond and I'm still not sure which one to get. Can you kindly please search it on amazon and post the link to the right one here?

Ghinmi 12-03-2015 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Kaiserjeeps

Forgive me if someone already addressed this. I have had great luck installing the hinges and torsion rods to the tailgate. Simply have some friends hold the tailgate up to the body in the almost closed (upright) position and put in the hinge to body bolts and adjust from there. Late model hinges had removable mounts for the rods so you could get the tailgate installed and install them later.

Kaiserjeeps 12-03-2015 11:07 PM


Originally Posted by dlopeman
Hey man... sorry to take it back off track again...I know you've been busy (wind storms all all that!! geesh -that's crazy wind!) I wanna pull the trigger on this Pliobond and I'm still not sure which one to get. Can you kindly please search it on amazon and post the link to the right one here?

Eh, don't sweat it. I can run this thread off track faster than you can say Superwag! I will go to amazon and double check. Geez I only remembered one type and a solvent change. But I have slept since then and I am over 50 now. That's my story and I'm.......:D

Back in a flash.....

Kaiserjeeps 12-03-2015 11:26 PM

Here is the company that makes it. I did call them after seeing the solvent change and they were great to talk to.
This site shows their old label I was familiar with.

The stuff on amazon I bought is this.

Near as I can tell the different part numbers are for the different sizes of containers. Yes Hanna rubber makes a lot more products but as far as pliobond goes I believe it is all the same. So I looked at some of the answered questions. Some of the answers are BS from people who can't read labels or don't now what they are talking about. Someone said it was like super glue. Not true at all. It has the most strength after several days, not minutes...

Why does pliobond exceed other glues of this type? Well about ten years ago when I bought my deuce and a half, I obtained a long bed cargo cover for my standard bed. I needed to carefully cut two feet out of it. When I put the cover on the truck and marked it and trimmed it, I accidentally had it on backwards! So when I realized my mistake I now had an overlapped glued edge 4 inches wide facing forward to catch all the wind and stress the glue joint. Now ten years later and all kinds of inclement weather exposure it still holds tight. The label says resistant to gas, wind stress, stretching etc.
I love the stuff and it will be used to secure the headliner to the body metal on the roof in the front and back where it is glued on the 70 I am working on. I also will use it on the door panels. I trust it long term.

The only failure I had was on a pair of boots. The sole came off and all the greasy boot grease even wiped off would not let the adhesive keep it's bond.

Follow the directions exactly and enjoy!!

Kaiserjeeps 12-03-2015 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by Ghinmi
Forgive me if someone already addressed this. I have had great luck installing the hinges and torsion rods to the tailgate. Simply have some friends hold the tailgate up to the body in the almost closed (upright) position and put in the hinge to body bolts and adjust from there. Late model hinges had removable mounts for the rods so you could get the tailgate installed and install them later.

Excellent! No this was not answered yet. I really appreciate the response on it. I was wondering. With everything painted later, I could see great difficulty doing this. I had better call for some help when the time comes.

Thank you Ghinmi very much!! Sweet avatar! I hope mine will do that when I get it done. My 69 X that is, not the 70...:)

Kaiserjeeps 12-04-2015 12:04 AM

Ok I got some more done today. And I even found my camera charger. I don't remember putting it where I did, but I found it in the shop of all places.
I hope I am not loosing it.:D

So I got the first little ear replaced up in the corner. Now I had some rust right where the side wall met the fire wall. I did not want to cut out any more metal and elected to weld it all back by boiling out the rust with the welding torch. It took quite a while of light blasts with the torch and I used a pair of pliers with a copper pad to keep the welding boogers down to a minimum on the back side.

I still have some super tiny pits but no daylight through any of it. It was only about 2 inches of rot that needed this. Most of it down below is pretty light and will seal up ok with paint and body calking. The key thing was to put some strength back in this area.

Time for a pattern for the next part. Manila envelops are great for this.

And when I cut this out, I ran the bottom edge long so it would not bend poorly in the bender. So all the metal below the heavy black line got left in place for the bend. I REALLY need a box and pan brake. My brake is solid and works fine. I just had to straighten the wing that sticks up. Not a big deal.

All done.... That's the third repair of 5 I guess and not 4.

Next I made a hammer form out of some extra Oak I recently purchased for my CUCV truck stake sides. Usually you would bolt these half's together to stop ANY shifting or movement. Its small enough and only getting hammered on one top edge. The rest I can do in the brake. OK this is important, You have to round the edge off that the metal folds over on. On any panel anywhere, you have a sharp 90 angle and the panel will crack period. Take the edge off and make it a super small radius and it won't crack later.

A couple shots of it. This thing was tough to cut out straight. My saber saw sometimes cuts angles and that needed to be corrected.

The other side.

And the filed off edge to give it a nice small radius.

That is as far as I got today. This oak hammer form will also work on the other side. It does look like I wont need it though. We will see when I get this side welded back up and open the other side. I believe the heater opening and the heater flow preserved that area well from what I can feel inside the opening. We will see.

And some of you inquired through PM's about what I thought was the best rust paint. Well I am preparing to do a three month test using 4 metal strips that have had various treatments done to them. All of them have 5 different paints on them. Each paint field will get a drilled hole PLUS a single scratch down the panel with a metal scribe simulating a severe scratch in the paint.
Each metal piece will be tye wrapped to the underside of our Subaru and subjected to Idaho road salt. I am needing to pick up some "fluid film" to apply to one of the panels. The Brits use this product or something similar. The military testing surpassed all other products and was amazing. I accidentally stumbled on this product last night while searching for an answer on what temperature does rust stop forming? Well it does not stop. It only slows down with cold.
This will be a separate thread and I am looking forward to this test. Please watch for it.

Thank you guys for all the help and answers. Stay tuned. :fsj:

dlopeman 12-04-2015 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by Kaiserjeeps

SO... any of those, then? I did that search and that's why I was asking... but cool, I think you explained it. I supposed it's user-preference: can, tube, squirt, wipe, brush... get a lot... get a little... :) It's looking like the common denominator is the 25 on the labels... and LV low-voc... Some of those prices are insane! 3oz for $133???

Kaiserjeeps 12-07-2015 03:36 AM

I saw that also. 133 clams!! There must be something wrong with that. Maybe it is for a 5 gallon bucket...LOL

OK, so I have prepped a rust paint test on 4 strips of metal testing 5 different paints. Plus one post paint preservative that comes very highly rated. Everything is currently strapped under our Subaru wagon for salt exposure on our heavily salted roads. I wanted to post it in an appropriate forum. But I am not sure if I should post in in the body forum or the tech forum.

I think I will post in the tech forum. I'm sure it will get moved if it needs to be.

I drank way too much coffee way too late today. It's 2 AM and I am not tired.... Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Kaiserjeeps 12-08-2015 11:54 AM

Well I guess I was right about my last post. I got up and fired off the woodstove in the shop. I went into the house garage to get something and to my shock discovered a major roof leak draining right down my chimney into my furnace. I worked on it all day cutting open walls to put paint cans hanging on screws to try and at least catch some of the flow. I was not able to stop the leak. I am trying to get a roofer up here with no luck so far. This sucks period. A few more things to do and then my hands are tied. I'll be out in the shop in a bit and at least that is fun work. Please pardon my Bitc*ing about it. My troubles are nil compared to others in the world. ;)

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