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Ristow 03-19-2012 02:57 PM

you gonna run the 2-piece hubcaps or just the dog dish's?

Driftwood 03-19-2012 03:39 PM

This build is my favorite. I thought you had been carried off by Sasquatch.

Kaiserjeeps 03-19-2012 08:27 PM

Naw, just the dogdish baby moons with an off white or creme colored wheel.
Speaking of... I wonder what color they were from the factory? Anybody know where to find that answer? I have done some searching but not found much yet...

No sasquatch around here as far as I can tell. Lots of coyotee and deer though. :D I am sorry for the lack of posts. I am so incredibly anxious to get my shop functional. This winter is dragging along it seems. I need it as I have a 1968 commando to do along with a 1970 CJ-5. And a possible GPW war time jeep. So the work is there but not the building. It will happen soon enough I guess. Edit: And not to forget my 69 1414x waggie. I would like to have it running soon.

And thanks BTW...

So working my way around this hubcap I am finding a lot of flaws. One at a time I guess. The methods are the same so I won't post each spot. This next dent is a good one. Three individual dents overlapping. There is a lot of messed up real estate here.

Working again from the outer edges in I started bringing the metal back in place. After some light tapping I need to bring down the front side. A dent will always raise the edges of the surrounding metal higher than it was originally. I have marked with X's where I am aiming my hammer strikes. I am not trying to move much here. Just helping the stresses go away. Then back to the back side. Use the light and look at it a lot.

These are working the field around this triple dent after some straightening. I would grab the 400 grit and not using a block, I would sand the entire area by hand to put a grain in it. Then using a flat block sand at an angle to reveal these.

Keep working the dent out and those spots will get smaller. Because the hubcap is so thick I have the luxury of quite a bit of surface dressing. SS trim requires more straightening before any filing or sanding. They are so very thin to begin with.

Back to the 400, 600 and 1500 final and it looks pretty good. All the real polishing will be done on a buffer.

Here is the area after quite a bit of work. This hubcap looks like it may be a good spare now. At first I thought it was toast.

Here are some things I noted. When the dent is very hard to find on the back side, sanding the back side area lightly with a small block will often reveal the impact points. I did make some extra work with misses. Files can really scratch a part. Clean them after every few strokes. I prefer 400 grit and a flat dolly over files. Divots and pin points can be driven out with the right sized drift or corking tool. In this case I had a pin point pock mark and I used a finish nail to bring the bottom of the mark up enough to face it smooth by sanding. Hitting the right spot is difficult. Never use a sharp tool like an undressed nail or chisel. One puncture and the part is not as good as you want. I filed the nail till it was dull and had a flat spot. A super light tap can give you a reference point as to where you really intended to hit it. I usually can get close but it is hard to hit an area the size of a pin head.

Like this small black dent in the middle. Filing it out might show later when it has a shine.

The nail with a dressed tip. One file pass after the lightest tap ever and the flaw was gone. The nail became my corking tool. What ever you can make work.

Here it is after some sanding.

I will now work on the keepers. This one is not done but I think it is savable now.

Emblem paint. A couple years ago there was a guy on ebay that was selling little paint kits for the kaiser emblems. He researched the paint colors and then sold them in a little kit. I cannot find him now. I will search tonight and see what has been said about it already here on our site.

A few years ago I paid 900 bucks for a set of NOS baby moons and trim rings. :eek: :eek: I sold a tuxedo park and they went with it.;)
They were stunning.

More soon. Bring on spring!:thumbsup:

Huntindad 03-21-2012 09:37 PM

This might be the ballsiest build I've seen.. You have no fear. Outstanding.

JTRUCKJMC 03-28-2012 11:16 PM

Paint tips
I have recently restored some emblems with great results using the following paints. Duplicolor has a great line of engine enamel spray paints with a ceramic base, they shoot extremely well, however for emblems I sprayed a small amount into a small stainless artist paint tin and used syringes and brushes to complete lettering etc.. I used duplicolor P/N
DE 1607 ( old chevy orange or red, not neon orange) and DE1604 universal gold. The match is right on. Check the duplicolor web site for other items such as etch primer and whole bunch of great colors and items. Available thru NAPA under Duplicolor P/N. For the off white I used Duplicolor Auto spray edscc362 bright white, a touch up spray. Hope this helps... Your site is my favorate thread.:thumbsup:

Kaiserjeeps 03-29-2012 11:58 AM

I absolutely appreciate the paint numbers. It seems research like that takes a lot of time. I have a few emblems to repaint. On my waggie, my CJ and this 70 model. I have a good reason to go to NAPA now.:D
Thanks a million Jtruckjmc! I'll go check it out.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

rreed 03-29-2012 02:37 PM

Absolutely freakin amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Driftwood 05-20-2012 05:31 AM


Kaiserjeeps 07-27-2012 09:27 PM

Well there has been some. And I made a fantastic find today. I've been super busy establishing 5 acres of raw land. I am caught up for now and I just recently got my big TIG welder working with a great big power cord and a 75 foot run to the nearest 220AC.

I put the hubcaps down for now. They look really good but not where I want them. Since my expectations are exceeding my skillset, I need more time on something else that is not that important. I will get them dialed.

So the floors are looking good. The last of the severe rot is in the rear quarters. Knowing it would probably not be pretty I made a plan and started cutting. Like the whole interior, what I needed to weld to is missing. I'm going to have to hand make it or find a rare rig with no rot there and carefully graft it in.

This is behind the rear door in the wheel well. Rotted all the way through.

The upper wheel well edge damage.

Removal of the panel. The cut lines were in an area to allow me to reach it with a dolly and hammer for plannishing the welds after putting the quarter panel back after spot repairing it. I have complete panels from BJ's I am going to sell soon. I elected to fix what is here and not use them.

Lots missing. The outer skin has been removed. This is wheel house rot.

So I started looking for a rig to hopefully get these little parts below the door from. I found a 73 in a junk yard with rust free parts. They wanted 100 bucks a side for them. Uh,... No thanks. Thats when I found this 73 on craigs. 500 bucks and it has a near flawless tailgate. I have never seen one this rust free in 25 years. It won't take much work at all. I think this makes 5 gates I have now.:o The tailight buckets are pitt free. It has AC. And one side of the panels I need is in great condition. The other crushed by?? The problem is they are thin. And they are also zinc coated and don't weld well at all.

The side I am working on. Even the material under the lip was good. Great donor material with probably only a few minor repairs needed.

I originally just wanted those body parts. Then I saw the gate. It was not long before I found myself buying the whole rig. There were lots of great parts. The gate window crank even worked. Oddly enough, this rig was a 72 titled as a 73. It has a Kaiser colored rear crank emblem. But AMC colored hubcaps inside. Remaining inventory from kaiser???

I will be working on getting it here to my property. I have the trailer but no tow rig. Hopefully I will be back very soon with some more progress. All that is left for bad rot is on the other side. Then the body has been entirely reworked. Then it's clean up and detail everything. I keep picturing it complete shining in the sun just before a car show.:)



JTRUCKJMC 07-29-2012 02:59 PM

The 73 is indeed a bast%$d year. I have one as well and it has the rear crank with Kaiser colors and hubcaps with AMC colors. A 73 is a very transitional year from Kaiser to AMC and in my opinion one of the best which retains the good aspects of Kaiser and improving the bad. Good to see you back at it, I am doing a similar frame off on my 73 and have utilized many of your ideas as I repair my rust....:thumbsup:

Kaiserjeeps 07-30-2012 10:52 AM

I am glad to back at it also. I was grating on me pretty hard walking past it for months as I went off to fix yet another thing that needed attention here.
I had a successful recovery yesterday. I had to have a friend tow it to my home up here. I am super pleased on the condition of many small parts. The gate is the best I have seen in a long time. And, it looks like we might be able to trade the Engine, trans and transfercase to another friend whom has just completed a very deluxe spray booth. I need to ask him what he thinks. He is building a Commando as I also am. He needs the stuff and expressed an interest. Mays well ask him.:)

I am going to spend the next couple days getting a spot for it and removing a few things to examine it more closely. I need to get air and power to it. Yet I don't want to look at a junk yard when I come home.
This rig has factory under dash AC. I think I am going to have to try and convince the owner of this 70 to let me install it. That would be pretty cool. LOL.

Here it is.

I'll be pulling the front clip, motor for resealing, paint and stickers soon for the 70.
I need to nail the rear quarters and we are on the down hill slide!

JTRUCKJMC 07-30-2012 11:32 AM

Looks good... 73 AC is unique to the year as well and changes in 74, mostly hoses and mounting. I am sure you can adapt and mix components pending the engine configuration being used. You slipped up showing me more pics of the 73, possibly when you are done picking it over you may have some items you may want to sell.... I'll be watching, as usual for future installments of your great thread. :D

autoarcheologist 07-30-2012 03:40 PM

I remember seeing that '73 on Craigslist a few months ago, glad to see it's being used for something, although in many parts of the country she'd probably be a restoration candidate. How bad was she?

Kaiserjeeps 07-31-2012 10:57 AM

The recent purchase from CL is completely restorable. Well it was. As of yesterday I have cut the passenger rear quarter and wheel well material out. So it is done. It bothers me to know I am personally responsible for the demise of 2 wagoneers now. To counter that, my dad called yesterday to report finding a 327 powered (67ish) waggie pulled from the weeds on Lopez Island in the San Juan's in Washington state. So if I can help save one....:D
That is all I know about it.
Yes I will have parts for sale. I don't know how it happened, but I have two sheds full of waggie stuff. Plus there have been a couple purchases for this rig (BJ's quarters and pans) that I am not using and need to sell. I will be listing those soon. As for the sheds of parts? I need to get MY 69 X model done then inventory what I don't need. It will be next year before I can do much with all of it.
And this time next year I hope to be neck deep in shop building. My tax lady make a huge mistake on my 2010 taxes. So I now have a year delay in building. Out of nowhere I had to fork over 12 K. I'm not using her again.:D

So I am back out there. I cut the new one up yesterday. I have some good donor parts. They need some work. But it will all come together nicely.
I'll post up tonight if I have some good progress to show.
Unfortunately the entire drivers side of this new rig has damage. Especially the small section I need. Nothing like a little challenge. I'll focus on the passenger side for now.

Kaiserjeeps 07-31-2012 05:55 PM

Got a couple things done today. After extracting the part from the 73 I repaired it. Only the bottom section needed replacement. I marked a cut line, them marked the folds with a sharpie. After I cut the part off I flattened it to make a pattern. I transfered it to new metal and cut it out. I then transfered the fold lines and using my 40" harbor freight bending brake, made the bends.

Here is the old and new.

Fitting it in place.

I ordered up more urethane paint today as mine has dried up. I also ordered a spray can of it with an extended nozzle for those hard to reach areas. I want to do the door pillars and wheel wells.
Before I install the outer skin, I need to paint the panel here with urethane paint to combat future rust. I'll wick the paint in the seams post weld like I did to the floor.

I also want to seal the entire outer skin of the inner wheel well before installing the quarter panel back in place.

I need to take the part back off and weld up spot weld cutter grooves where the fender lip is. It's hard not to cut to deep. Then weld it in place. After that, I'll make a repair piece for the back half.

More tomorrow.:drivin:

babywag 07-31-2012 05:58 PM

That brings back memories of replacing the wheelhouses, doglegs, and rear quarters on my '73.

It's a ton of work!

Yours is coming along nicely keep pluggin' away.

austinaubinoe 07-31-2012 06:48 PM

Nice work man! I would rather see a decent rig get cut up to make a fantastic rig, then see it get beat to nothing on the trail. Plus Ive seen pictures of nicer wags sitting on blocks in a junkyard.

Kaiserjeeps 08-01-2012 09:48 AM

It's hard to pass them by huh? LOL We lost power most of the night. It came back on about 4 AM. I was wondering if I was going to be able to weld today.
Looks like a go. Back in a while...:drivin:

Kaiserjeeps 08-02-2012 10:10 AM

Well power stayed on. :D I got the front section welded in.

Then I dug out the shrinker stretcher and started making a replacement piece for the remaining wheel well.
I used the outer skin of the quarter to make sure I had the correct bend in the wheel opening.

Clamped in place to check the fit and establish the length.

I am out of Argon sheilding gas. And I need some more roloc sanding disc's. So off to town it is. I am also waiting on the urethane paint as I won't replace the outer skin till everything is coated except where I will weld it up.
Maybe get another 40 years out of it.:)

Till next week.:fsj:

Driftwood 08-02-2012 10:23 AM

The 73's color appears to be either "FA" Transport Yellow or a faded "FB" Omaha Orange.

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