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liliysdad 04-14-2002 07:27 AM

anybody out there running retreads?? i bought a set of hi-tec 31x10.50 mud's and i like them a lot. not as aggressive as i'd like, but they've never stuck me-------------- yet.

Gladi8r 04-14-2002 12:21 PM

I have kept my eye on them for some time and was wondering how they were. How long have you had them? How do they ride? Noise?? etc???

Sorry for all the questions, but they really interest me. I dont think I would use them on long trips(still unsure of them and have flash-backs of all the road gators on the interstate) but they look good for around-town and froadin' :D :D

Lindel 04-14-2002 02:38 PM

I don't know about the hi-tec retreads, but I don know that most truckers use retreads, with very good success.

Most of the treads you see are what's left of the junk tires that trailer companies put on their trailers so that they'll make it off of the lot.

ArtsiFrtsi 04-20-2002 05:56 PM

:D I know here in ID it's illegal for truckers to use retreads on the steering axle... obvious reasons... But I too still have a difficult time thinking about trusting them, although I've seen a lot of michelin car tires peel... :rolleyes:

Crazy_Jeepman 04-21-2002 01:56 AM

Yes, it is true NO retreads are allowed to be used on the steer axles in any state, and Canada. I am not fond of retreads in any position on my semi. So many people have been KILLED from a retreaded tire loosing its cap, and going through the windshield. See those nice long LARGE chunks of tire laying on the highway mostly in the summer time, imagine that going through your windshield at highway speed. I have had 1st time retreads fly apart. I believe the # of times a tire can be retreaded is 3 times. At any rate I would not run a retread on any passenger vehicle of mine. I consider how many times passenger tires are run with low uneven air pressure, hitting curbs and potholes and other high impact surfaces. I think tire sidewalls are stressed enough over its lifetime and to run them through again is a gamble on life itself. The cap seperation is another thing that would scare me. I realize they are cheap, however life is not. I for one would like to see ALL retreads outlawed for highway use. Just my opinion from years of experiance with retreaded tires.

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